Whanganui Author: Morvin Te Anatipa Simon



Morvin Te Anatipa Simon was born and bred at Kaiwhaiki Marae on the Whanganui River.
He was educated at Upokongaro School and Hato Paora Māori Boys College before going on to study philosophy and sociology at Holy Name College in Christchurch and Māori language and Oral Literature at Victoria and Massey Universities.
He has had a varied career but always maintained the connection to his whānau, his marae and his iwi. As a teacher at various institutions he has supported the revival of Māori language and culture.
In addition to being an author and teacher he is a noted orator, composer and poet. In partnership with his wife Kura he tutors kapa haka, Māori language and cultural awareness and acts as a cultural advisor in many spheres.
Both he and Kura have recently been acknowledged for their work in kapa haka with Morvin becoming a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit and Kura receiving a Queen Service Medal.
When discussing Taku Whare e Volume 1 Morvin says that 30 years ago people were less willing to speak about their marae and tikanga. Information was not freely available. However with the rise of the Kōhanga Reo movement and the Kura Māori he was constantly being asked “Where do I come from?” and “If I go there what do I do?” That is why he was moved to write the book.
Taku Whare e Volume 2 was written to complement Volume 1 and includes marae that are only accessible by river.
Morvin says Taku Whare E 1 and 2 contain only basic information and it is up to the people of the marae to divulge the rest however they wish. Or as he terms it:
“The things that are important to the iwi are left for the iwi to tell.”
More lately the release of the third volume in the series Taku Whare e Volume 3 Kaiwhaiki me oku mahara is a warm collection of history and memories of growing up at Kaiwhaiki Marae.










Taku Whare e… my home my heart: He mauri tu: The spirit dwells still
Taku Whare e… my home my heart 2: He mauri tu: The spirit dwells still
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