Tuesday August 18th 1914

Major W.H. Cunningham and Lieut F.K. Turnbull left Wanganui by the 7am. train and reported in camp at midday. They then learn’t of the misfortune which had over taken Capt. Cameron the previous day. They found plenty of work awaiting them in the way of organization which had to be tackled at once. S.M. B. Woodhead was in charge in the absence of Capt Cameron, while Q.M.S. Davidson was attending to the domestic arrangments[sic]. At this time it was quite expected that the force would be leaving N.Z. before the end of August. Consequently all efforts were directed towards getting equipment completed and between whiles doing a little towards consolidating the different detachments into the resemblance of a Regiment irrespective of the efficiency of the individual man in the ranks. The first afternoon a medical Board of three solemnly inspected the men’s feet and condemned two men as medically unfit on account of flat feet. Pvts Irwin and Steere. They were promptly despatched out of camp. Enquiries for Capt Cameron that night revealed the fact that he had most acute appendicitis and his restoration to health would be a matter of months.

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