Wednesday 2nd September 1914

An ordinary day. Regimental parade haversack ration troops returned to camp at 4 p.m.

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  1. Jeff McN Says:

    I see no one is posting comments, but I assure you the postings are being read and I for one appreciate your efforts, thank you. And I am distributing the link.

    I don not know the history of the Wanganui Company, but noting it is part of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, I fear the worst for it – the title alone gives great foreboding – as it blithely goes through its regimental training, route marches and the concerns of an officer’s appendicitis, 95 years ago. The naievity alone is chilling and sobering reading.

  2. Gillian Tasker Says:

    Thanks Jeff! You are correct to be concerned about the Wellington West Coast Company. Being a part of the Wellington Infantry Battalion, means they are set to play a central part in the New Zealand campaign on Gallipoli. We hold the Company Diary of the Wellington West Coast Company covering most of the Gallipoli campaign and we plan to continue the story of the Wellington’s as they endure the hardships and hazards of war.

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