Friday 11th September 1914

Today we were all excitement as the Force at Awapuni were to march to Feilding, have tea as the guests of the Feilding people & bivouac the night. It was again a glorious day. We got a good start and on this occasion our transport maintained much better order. We reached Bunnythorpe at lunch time and ate our haversack ration there. We moved quietly along and reached Feilding at 3 p.m. Three bands came out to meet us and being the “Holy Seventh” the Salvation Army were allotted to us. Our gallant company S.M. looked well heading the lads in blue and red. On arrival on the Feilding racecourse we were formally welcomed and then the men set to. As one of our Platoons was raised in Feilding and the mother of one N.C.O was in charge of a table our boys were well attended to. There is no doubt they all got a terrific stuff, as coming from camp fare apples and cream, fruit salad and such delicacies covered with rich cream were irresistible so long as stowing room existed. In the evening men were granted general leave. Our officers were entertained by Mr Graham and later by Mr Short at the Denbigh Hotel. A small dance was hastily organized at which most officers were present.

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