Saturday 1st December 1917

Usual working party – Entrained at HOWE siding.

This is the end of the Diary transcriptions held by the Wanganui District Library. To read further about the whole of the Regiment during the First World War you can access

“The Wellington Regiment NZEF 1914 – 1919″ by W H Cunningham

Chapter 35 onwards


New Zealand Electronic Text Collection

3 Responses to “Saturday 1st December 1917”

  1. Jeff McNeill Says:

    Thank you for running this daily war diary. I have checked in just about every day since it started to find out the latest news about the Wanganui men. It has been an interesting and educational experience ‘living’ the Great War day by day and I have a much greater appreciation of the hurry up and wait, and the relatively few days of horror interspersed the boredom and routine. Knowing the outcome of some of the battles in advance has made some entries all the more poignant, and it is sad the way the enthusiasm, jingoism and personalities of the men that started out has faded to the anonymous and grey. Thank you.

  2. lynley Says:

    You are right Jeff. It has been really interesting to see the change from recording every tiny detail complete with rank and serial number about every person who even got a tummy bug, to just mentioning on the side that there were four casualties last night. It was also interesting to see how removed they were from the rest of the world when it took them over a year to catch up with leap year. They even celebrated Christmas Day a day early but noted that the enemy were really quiet on Boxing Day.

    Thank you for letting us know that you were reading our blog, and keep an eye out as we are planning on putting on some of the men’s personal letters home from this time that are also in our collection . It may not be a blog but will be accessible through the website.
    Thank you for your interest

  3. Chris Says:

    It has been an invaluable insight into this Regiment and its journey. I had two Great uncles in the Regiment ,one died of disease on August 31 1915, so was frustrated to see the change in recording information from a personal point of view to a Regiment view-slighty less personal….but was able to when his brother joined the company. This brother died in 1918 at home, the war had finally got him too.
    Many thanks for the Information, a fantastic record.